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Deal Registration

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Partner- Deal Registration

Deal Registration Eligibility

  • Net new to Cranium. Not an existing opportunity or registered and approved for another reseller.
  • Expansion – an increase in users with an existing account.

Deal Registration Approval Criteria

  • Opportunity meets the Deal Registration Eligibility criteria.
  • Reseller accurately submits the Deal Registration form via the Partner Portal with correct end user contact information.
  • Reseller has confirmed the opportunity through meeting with or introducing Cranium to the end user.

Deal Registration Denial Criteria

  • Deal Registration does not meet the Eligibility criteria.
  • The Deal Registration had incomplete information.
  • Existing opportunity is sourced by Cranium.
  • Another Reseller has submitted a Deal Registration and received approval for the same opportunity.
  • Renewal opportunities even if the reseller is the incumbent.


Deal Registration Discount


Non Deal Registration Discount







Total Incumbency Renewal Discount


Terms and Conditions

  • Deal Registrations will be assessed on a first-in basis.
  • Reseller must correctly complete the Deal Registration form in the Partner Portal.
    • An opportunity is only considered registered after it has been approved in the Partner Portal.
  • Deal Registration is valid for 90 days from the date of approval.
  • Deal Registration Extension
    • Reseller must submit a request for extension at least 14 days prior to the expiration date.
    • Extension must be requested through the original Deal Registration submission via the notes section. Extension requests must include justification for extension.
    • Extensions will be granted at Cranium’s discretion and Reseller will be notified of extension decisions via the Partner Portal.
  • Reseller receiving Deal Registration approval will receive Deal Protection on that specific opportunity. This ensures that no other Reseller receives the Deal Registration discount during the validity of the Deal Registration, including an approved extension.
  • Non-Standard Pricing (NSP) opportunities require Cranium Deal Desk review.