Our vision is to secure the AI revolution.

The AI revolution is here. Innovation is moving at light speed, and the regulation landscape is constantly evolving. How can you make sure that your AI systems — and those of your vendors — remain secure, trustworthy, and compliant?

Cranium helps cybersecurity and data science teams understand everywhere that AI is impacting their systems, data or services.

Secure your organization’s AI and machine learning systems to ensure they are compliant and trustworthy, without interrupting your workflow. Protect against adversarial threats without impacting how your team trains, tests and deploys AI models.

What’s behind your AI systems?

Introducing the Cranium AI Card for Demonstrating AI/ML Compliance

Stay on the cutting edge of the compliance landscape with the Cranium AI Card. 

  • Showcase the security and trustworthiness of your AI systems
  • Increase AI regulatory awareness and alignment within your organization
  • Gain visibility into your vendor’s AI systems

Protect your organization from AI regulation and compliance risk with Cranium’s AI Card.

Provide a single hub for security and compliance. Support compliance mapping to the NIST AI RMF and EU AI Act. 

Create an AI Card that aligns with one pipeline, one asset, or an entire organization.

Your Trusted AI Security Provider

  • Minimal configurations
  • No-code analysis
  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Tool and cloud agnostic
  • Cloud or On-Prem
  • Data never leaves your network

Automatically map and
visualize your AI Pipelines

Cranium is tool and cloud agnostic, working with your current toolsets.

We work with your current toolsets

Setup integrations for the tools you’re already using

Install the Cranium Collector securely in your network

Monitor your entire AI and ML infrastructure

Meet the team

With roughly six decades of experience in developing and bringing to market revolutionary software solutions, the Cranium team has helped deploy AI risk management solutions for some of the largest enterprises in the world, while also building companies from the ground up.


CEO & co-founder



Paul Spicer



Director & Co-founder

Investors & Advisors


Managing Partner,
SYN Ventures

Gerhard Eschelbeck

CSO, Kodiak Robotics

Kyle Kappel

US Cybersecurity Advisory Leader, KPMG

Anu Puvvada

Managing Partner, Innovation Studio Leader, KPMG

Ryan Permeh

SYN Ventures


US Leader Enterprise Innovation, KPMG

Joyce Brocaglia

Founder, Executive Women’s Forum

Scott Alfeld

Professor, Amherst College