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Short Hills, New Jersey – April 9, 2024 – Cranium, the leading enterprise AI security and trust software firm, today announced the launch of its new innovative partner program – the Cranium Connect Reseller Program. Designed to provide new opportunities for organizations to discover the benefits of enhancing AI security and governance, the Cranium Connect Reseller Program actively fosters a community of value-added partners, security and risk-focused service providers, and alliance partners.

Representing a significant milestone for expanding the reach of AI security across diverse industries, this initiative focuses on channels for resale, services, and support to enhance profitability and predictability for partners. Those joining the Cranium Connect Program will benefit from competitive margins, access to advanced services, and a surge in customer demand, all driven by Cranium’s strategic marketing efforts.

“The Cranium Connect Program has been a collaborative experience that has optimized our joint selling potential,” said Steve Stumpfl, Executive Vice President of Sales at Tevora. “With Cranium, we are empowered, unlocking innovation, enhancing brand awareness, and creating new market opportunities.”

The program has distinct tiers, each offering escalating benefits and support. This tiered approach ensures a customizable experience for each partner, fostering growth alongside their business development.

Additional benefits include access to dedicated partner testing environments, certification training, promotional opportunities, comprehensive support via the Partner Portal, a hub for sales and marketing resources, and deal registration management.

“At Cranium, our mission is to secure the AI revolution,” said Claudia Slane, Senior Director of Alliance and Channel, Global at Cranium. “To support the world’s best security and risk partners who share that vision, we have created the Cranium Connect Reseller Program.”

About Cranium
As the foremost enterprise AI security and trust software firm, Cranium empowers organizations to ensure the security and compliance of their AI and GenAI systems. The Cranium Enterprise software platform offers comprehensive solutions for driving visibility, security, and governance across all AI and GenAI environments. Secure your enterprise’s AI today with Cranium.AI.

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Danielle Ostrovsky
Hi-Touch PR

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