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Short Hills, New Jersey – May 16, 2024 – Cranium, the leading enterprise AI security and trust software firm, today announced, in collaboration with KPMG and Microsoft, the launch of the EU AI Hub, which is set to redefine how AI is deployed and managed, ensuring safety, trust, and compliance at every step, providing businesses with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complexities of AI implementation.

With the EU AI Hub, organizational readiness for the EU AI Act is a simplified yet systematic approach starting with, understanding their current level of maturity and policies or controls in place. Then, by demonstrating how those systems are architected, these organizations engage regulators and stakeholders to ensure their initiatives align with evolving legal and ethical standards, making the Hub a pivotal platform for shaping the future of AI in Europe. 

“As enterprises journey through the hub, Cranium, from a technical perspective, captures the AI Bill of Materials, runs risk reports, and does gap analysis against our own EU AI Act framework,” said Jonathan Dambrot, CEO of Cranium. “Joining forces with KPMG and Microsoft, we’re demonstrating that organizations are backed by the confidence and maturity to achieve EU AI Act readiness.”

The EU AI Hub is currently supported by combining KPMG’s Trusted Responsible AI Framework and comprehensive capabilities ranging from strategy, transformation, technology, data sciences, and assurance; the Cranium enterprise software platform built to drive security, trust, and compliance across AI systems, and Microsoft’s pioneering AI technologies beneficial impact and earns trust while also sharing learnings, and creating new tools and innovations that help developers and businesses implement reliable AI practices in their work and organizations.

“Compliance with the EU AI Act and other regulatory frameworks shouldn’t be seen as a block to innovation/ideation, but instead provide the guardrails that enable organizations to experiment with AI and deliver value to their businesses and customers,” said Sean Redmond, Director of EU AI Hub. “Our mission is to decode AI deployment and ensure it is done safely and responsibly. The EU AI Hub is uniquely positioned to lead this effort, bringing together top minds and cutting-edge technology in a collaborative environment towards AI’s critical role and the Hub’s mission. Understanding that responsible AI is not only a business but also a regulatory and technical challenge, we are committed to helping clients put into practice end-to-end responsible AI programs across the AI/ML lifecycle.”

The EU AI Hub will serve global organizations and help them understand regulatory obligations and how they impact the products they seek to deploy. Many businesses struggle to decide where to start with AI and how to deploy it safely. The Hub is a space where clients can ideate, innovate, and solve these challenges, collaborate with experts to explore AI possibilities and craft solutions tailored to their unique needs, address complex business challenges, and foster the development of tailored AI solutions.

The EU AI Hub is an environment for enterprises to solve complex business, regulatory, and technical challenges across the AI lifecycle, encouraging organizations to embrace AI responsibly as they embed AI within their own and partner ecosystems. The Hub offers comprehensive guidance to ensure responsible AI implementations from initial strategy and design through deployment and optimization across the AI lifecycle, offering expert advice and support and ensuring AI solutions are practical and ethically sound.

The initiative is also geared towards ensuring broader societal impacts, emphasizing the EU AI Hub’s position to serve organizations looking to integrate AI responsibly as industry experts and leaders from prominent organizations face AI adoption challenges, aiming to be a cornerstone in helping organizations navigate the evolving regulatory landscape of AI technologies and ensuring these technologies are used responsibly.

The Hub helps clients bridge the gap between policy and practice and provides free community resources to help them develop safeguards and reduce risks. The collaboration among Cranium, KPMG, and Microsoft underlines a shared commitment to advancing AI technology responsibly and effectively.

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