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AI Security & Trust Software Leader Securing Enterprise AI for Proactive Data Poisoning Detection and Cyber Threat Risks

Short Hills, NJ – August 9, 2023Cranium, the leading AI security and trust software firm, announced today the company’s support for Azure OpenAI Service. With this groundbreaking capability, Cranium empowers security leaders and practitioners to gain unparalleled visibility and control over their enterprise large language model (LLM) deployments, enhancing overall AI security in Azure environments.

“We’ve seen firsthand the impact that generative AI is having on the market and the urgency with which CISOs and their teams are trying to move to cover these new tools. With our Azure OpenAI connector, we’re embarking on an effort to provide these teams with support and peace of mind around the security of these investments,” said Paul Spicer, VP of Product at Cranium.

With the generative AI landscape rapidly evolving, with organizations increasingly leveraging LLMs and generative AI in enterprise cloud environments, like Azure. Cranium understands the importance of ensuring the security of these critical assets and developed this integration to meet the growing demands of security teams seeking to safeguard their AI operations.

Cranium’s support for Azure OpenAI Service provides users:

  • Enhanced visibility and security into the enterprise large language model (LLM) asset environment. Cranium clients can now connect directly to their Azure OpenAI Service environment, gaining comprehensive visibility and security insights into the assets used in model fine-tuning. This level of transparency enables security teams to effectively manage their AI systems, minimizing the risk of cyber threats.
  • Data poisoning detection in datasets used for model fine-tuning. Data poisoning is a substantial threat in AI, where malicious actors introduce harmful data into a system to compromise its integrity. With Cranium’s solution, customers have a vital tool to identify and mitigate such risks, thereby ensuring the validity and reliability of their AI systems.
  • Compliance-ready AI for proactive governance according to emerging regulatory frameworks. Cranium’s integration also facilitates the creation of AI Cards for generative AI models, assisting businesses in meeting emerging regulatory frameworks. The transparency and auditability provided by AI Cards are paramount in maintaining compliance and preparing for future regulatory requirements.

Cranium empowers enterprises to concentrate on their core business operations while staying compliant with the latest requirements.

With the integration support, Cranium customers can now easily secure enterprise large language model (LLM) deployments in Azure OpenAI Service.

Cranium currently supports AzureML, Azure OpenAI, AWS Sagemaker, Google VertexAI, Databricks and other leading platforms.

About Cranium

Cranium is the leading AI security and trust software firm helping organizations ensure their AI systems are secure, compliant, and trustworthy. Through its Cranium Enterprise software platform, organizations can map, monitor, and manage their AI/ML environments against adversarial threats without interrupting how teams train, test and deploy their AI models. The Cranium platform also allows organizations to easily gather and share information about the trustworthiness and compliance of their AI models with their supply chain, clients and regulators. Incubated and funded in stealth inside of KPMG Studio, Cranium helps cybersecurity and data science teams understand everywhere that AI is impacting their systems, data or services. Secure your AI at Cranium.AI.

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