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Welcome to Cranium where we are Securing the AI Revolution!

I am excited to finally share a project that has been in stealth mode for the last two years. I started the Cranium journey because I was working to implement ML and AI systems into the largest organizations in the world and couldn’t believe that visibility, security, and compliance were simply not part of the conversation for AI and learning systems. Fundamentally my dealings with some of the world’s leading AI and Cyber teams kept coming back to two unanswered questions. Is my AI secure and can I trust it?

I believe that AI is a revolutionary set of technologies that will fundamentally transform society for the better, but that without the proper visibility, cyber security, and compliance these projects have the potential to create significant risks.

We developed Cranium inside of KPMG Studio, KPMG’s incubator and accelerator, with a team of dedicated software and AI rockstars whose only job was to develop a platform that could solve for AI cyber and supply chain risks. After working with multiple design partners throughout the process, we are launching with the market leading AI security capability.

Many thanks for your interest and to everyone who made this possible! I hope you will take this important journey with us and look forward to discussing how we can secure the AI revolution together.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Dambrot
Chief Executive Officer (and lead Cranium Head)

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