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AI Security Trust Software Leader Empowers Organizations to Manage Current and Upcoming Regulations and Frameworks

Short Hills, NJ – June 15, 2023 – Cranium, the leading AI security and trust software firm, announced today the release of the Cranium AI Card. Building on its enterprise software platform, the AI Card allows organizations to efficiently gather and share information about the trustworthiness and compliance of their AI models with both clients and regulators and gain visibility into the security of their vendors’ AI systems.

This market is moving quickly and enterprises are concerned about regulatory compliance pressures, said Jonathan Dambrot, CEO and Co-Founder of Cranium. There’s a risk here that the AI Card was designed to address. This is a very active area on all fronts; with the advent of ChatGPT has come a newfound awareness within organizations of all sizes, that they don’t know where their organizations are using AI, where their vendors are using AI, and whether the AI being used is trustworthy. That’s why we introduced the Cranium AI Card.

Cranium AI Card and its new capability can help users:

  • Visualize and Monitor AI Security and Compliance across Supply Chains. Cranium’s AI Card maps vendors, common vulnerabilities, risk concentration, and threats across the organization and its third parties. AI Card users can configure security benchmarks per vendor and set up vulnerability and threat monitoring based on the business and AI compliance requirements for each vendor.
  • Align with current and coming compliance requirements. AI Card supports companies preparing for the approaching regulations by mapping to frameworks and legislation like the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and EU AI Act providing organizations with a robust capability for understanding and achieving their AI compliance obligations.
  • Easily share and showcase that AI is secure and trustworthy. When transparently showing compliance against one of these frameworks, AI Card reduces the time it would take to collect, gather and enter this information by automatically loading it from data built into the platform. From a supply chain perspective, cards can be shared between Cranium customers. This allows customers to score their deployed AI systems and showcase a trust mark that can be shared externally.

The concept of an AI Card is to serve as a container for information related to AI systems, or the entire customer organization, that demonstrates compliance, provides supply chain visibility, and allows brand positioning against current and upcoming regulations and frameworks. AI Card is an entirely new module for the Cranium Enterprise software platform.

Key Product Features

  • Velocity and Simplicity: Cranium AI Card significantly reduces the time needed to collect, gather, and enter key information about AI systems by loading it from what’s already automatically captured inside of the platform.
  • Shareability: Keep all stakeholders informed about the compliance and trustworthiness of your AI systems. There are multiple easy ways to share the AI Card, including between Cranium customers, onto your website via an HTML snippet, exporting to a PDF, and more.
  • Integrations: Gain confidence in security and trustworthiness of your vendor’s AI without interrupting existing systems for supply chain risk management. Cranium AI Card easily integrates with third-party platforms and their marketplaces and exchanges.

Cranium works with global organizations and standards bodies to stay up to date with the broader regulatory landscape so its clients can focus on their business and stay current with changes in their compliance requirements. With the AI Card, Cranium customers can now easily show their clients and regulators that their AI systems are secure and trustworthy.

About Cranium

Cranium is the leading AI security and trust software firm helping organizations ensure their AI systems are secure, compliant and trustworthy. Through its Cranium Enterprise software platform, organizations can map, monitor, and manage their AI/ML environments against adversarial threats without interrupting how teams train, test and deploy their AI models. The Cranium AI Card allows organizations to easily gather and share information about the trustworthiness and compliance of their AI models with their supply chain, clients and regulators. Incubated and funded in stealth inside of KPMG Studio, Cranium helps cybersecurity and data science teams understand everywhere that AI is impacting their systems, data or services. Secure your AI at Cranium.AI.

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