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Showcase the security and trustworthiness of your AI while increasing regulatory visibility and alignment across your organization and your vendors.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. By now, you probably understand why everyone is so excited about AI’s potential.

But as your enterprise integrates AI systems to increase productivity and streamline processes, a powerful question often goes unanswered: what’s behind your AI?

The explosion of technologies such as Chat GPT, DALL-E and Midjourney has made AI more accessible and integral for every organization. Enterprises are moving quickly. Regulatory bodies are close behind, implementing new regulations and compliance standards.

This light-speed acceleration of innovation makes it difficult to know:

  • where your organization is using AI;
  • where your vendors and partners are using AI; and (crucially)
  • whether the AI systems being used are secure, compliant and trustworthy.

Chat GPT has already faced a ban in Italy — a ban that was lifted last month after OpenAI tweaked its services to comply with European data protection legislation. The upcoming EU AI  Act only promises more regulation and uncertainty.

Bans and regulatory questions can lead to stunted progress and missed revenue opportunities for your organization. Security and data science teams must stay on the cutting edge — and maintain a clear operating picture of their AI systems — as regulatory pressures mount. 

Cranium AI’s newest release, Cranium AI Card, enables innovative security and data science teams to address concerns within the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape. Here’s how the AI Card can help organizations like yours:

How does the Cranium AI Card work?

The Cranium AI Card is an extension of Cranium Enterprise, the leading AI security and trust platform.

Our new module — the AI Card — allows organizations to easily gather and share information about the trustworthiness and compliance of their AI models with clients and regulators, and gain visibility into the security of their vendors’ AI systems.

The Cranium AI Card serves as a container for information that demonstrates compliance, supply chain visibility and brand positioning against current and upcoming AI regulations and frameworks. The card can be implemented on every level, from specific AI assets to an organization’s entire AI ecosystem. This works no matter which tools you’re using: Azure ML, AWS Sagemaker, Google VertexAI, etc.

Cranium’s AI Card automates the collection and sharing of this data. Because data science and security teams can easily track and catalog this information, they’ll gain greater visibility into the trustworthiness of their AI systems. Once you have this data at your fingertips with the AI Card, you’ll be more empowered to address areas of need and ultimately improve the security and compliance of your systems.

How to protect your organization from AI regulation and compliance risk

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Cranium’s AI Card gives you the tools to keep your internal AI systems compliant with emerging regulations. Additionally, you can use the card to gain better visibility into the AI systems of your vendors and partners, as well. Your team can use the AI Card to:

Easily showcase the security, trustworthiness and compliance of your AI systems

Companies of any size can utilize the Cranium AI Card to gain greater visibility into the compliance and regulatory-friendliness of their AI systems.

Customers that are already using Cranium’s leading AI security and trust platform will see extra benefits from the AI Card. Much of the data that are included in the card is already integrated with the Cranium Enterprise platform. All the information the platform has collected, gathered and entered will be automatically loaded onto your card — significantly reducing the time required for manual entry.

The AI Cards are also easily published and shared, making it easy to keep internal and external stakeholders informed on the compliance and trustworthiness of your systems. The card can be shared via:

  • PDF: Use traditional publishing mechanisms such as generating and exporting PDF reports
  • Publish privately to other organizations: Existing Cranium users can email invitations to other individuals to allow access to their AI Cards on the Cranium platform.
  • Web-based Card: Post an HTML snippet that can be deployed on the website where your AI systems operate.
  • (Coming soon) Compliance Marketplaces: Publish directly to the leading marketplaces for governance, risk and compliance for third-party and supply chain use cases.
  • (Coming soon) Directly to EU regulators: As the EU AI Act and other legislation evolves, we plan to help our customers submit EU AI Act Cards directly to EU governing bodies.

Increase alignment between data science and security teams

As we developed the Cranium AI Card, our clients shared a recurring problem: a lack of alignment and a “clear operating picture” between their data science and security teams. 

The Cranium AI Card was designed to address this gap by providing a single hub for security and compliance. This means the data science team can continue to rapidly innovate while easily providing information to the security team regarding the regulatory status of their AI systems.

Teams can add a Cranium AI Card that aligns with one pipeline, one asset or an entire organization. Security teams can gain visibility into various levels of specificity as needed.

Gain visibility into your vendor’s AI systems

Your organization is only as secure, compliant and trustworthy as your vendor’s systems are. Using Cranium’s AI Card, organizations can generate a compliance score for any of their vendor’s assets.

This will become especially important as more organizations build their systems on top of foundational models like Open AI or leverage open-source models from Hugging Face. Your organization needs visibility into the security and compliance of these models before they’re brought into your company and trained with company data.

Secure your AI with Cranium AI

The AI arms race is on — and so is the corresponding wave of AI regulatory and compliance considerations. 

Cranium’s AI Card provides another tool for organizations looking to stay ahead of the constantly-evolving compliance and regulatory landscape. The AI Card is simple and quick to implement and provides near-immediate value for your data science and security teams.

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